There’s So Much More Beneath the Surface

I went to an art museum today for one of my classes.  There are only two other students in the class and one was unable to go, so the other student and I drove up and met our teacher there.  After giving us our assignment, she let us explore on our own for however long … Continue reading There’s So Much More Beneath the Surface

Art Update: Ceramics I

I already shared about half of my ceramics earlier on during the semester.  We ended up doing two firings, so I shared the first firing, but not the second.  You can see the works from the first firing here.  I really enjoyed ceramics.  I caught on to hand-building pretty quickly.  The vase I made (13 … Continue reading Art Update: Ceramics I

Art Update: Sculpture I

I took sculpture for the first time this year, and although it was challenging, I really enjoyed the chance to work more with my hands. We started off with clay relief panels.  Our assignment was to create something that represented us using a body part (human or animal) and letters/numbers.  I decided to create a … Continue reading Art Update: Sculpture I