Art Update: Sculpture I

I took sculpture for the first time this year, and although it was challenging, I really enjoyed the chance to work more with my hands.

We started off with clay relief panels.  Our assignment was to create something that represented us using a body part (human or animal) and letters/numbers.  I decided to create a plaque that looks similar to what a rack of trophy antlers would be mounted on, then create mountains in the basic shape of an upside down ‘w’ in the background, which is reflected below the antlers (10) in a reservoir or large lake to create another ‘w’.  The antlers, mountains, and reservoir represent my hometown and upbringing, while the antlers were modeled after the 11-pointer (the 11th point was hidden from view) that my dad very proudly got 2 years ago.  The various ‘w’s represent my hometown, which starts with a ‘w’.  After it was fired, it was brushed with a metallic paint to look like copper.

2014-05-12 12.08.01

Our second assignment was in wood.  We were instructed to create something about 8×10″ in size that represented a memorial or commemoration.  I decided to create a plaque that showed my town’s track uniform and a relay baton to give to my track coach.  It is mahogany wood.

2014-05-12 12.07.40Our third assignment was to create something abstract out of stone.  To practice, we created small trinkets.  Mine was a heart.  For the actual assignment, I made a basic teardrop shape.

2013-10-25 13.32.53 edit


Our final assignment was a found object sculpture.  We were supposed to create something “wearable” using found objects.  I made a dress (made to fit me) using plastic grocery and garbage bags.  The dress form is my body, made using duct tape, an old shirt, cardboard, wood, pvc piping, and lots of batting (we used this tutorial).  I used staples and a hot glue gun to attach everything.  This is probably my proudest work of art.  It was very time consuming to make, but I am soooo happy with the end result.  I also designed the dress.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI really did enjoy sculpture, but found it pretty tiresome and repetitive.  Tomorrow I’ll share my photos from Painting II!