Last 100 Days, Days 90-86

As I’ve mentioned, I’m sharing a photo and a look back on my favorite memories in moments in Moldova for each of my last 100 days here.  I’m counting down, so here are days 90-86.  See all of my “Last 100 Days” posts here.

Day 89: A fun moment during Pre-Service Training was drawing monsters to learn body parts in Romanian. We learned Romanian 4 hours each morning, 6 days a week for the first 10 weeks in Moldova. I was really lucky to have Galina as one of my teachers and while tiring, we also had a lot of fun! (July 2016)
Day 88: About a month or so after arriving in Moldova, I really needed a haircut. One day after our lessons, I joined two other volunteers and we went to a local hair stylist. I decided to cut off quite a bit of hair, and though I was nervous (it’s hard describing what you want done in a foreign language!), it turned out almost exactly as I wanted, even if it was a tad bit short. (July 2016)
Day 87: Costesti, my PST site, is well-developed and doesn’t lose power often. In late July, however, a heavy storm cut the power for a couple of hours. My host brother and I spent the time playing UNO by the light of my solar-powered lanterns. It was actually kind of cozy! (July 2016)
Day 86: After 10 weeks of Pre-Service Training, we were sworn in as official Peace Corps Volunteers! Our swearing-in ceremony was an exciting event, and many of our future partners, host families, or school directors joined us in celebrating. (July 2016)