COS Lottery

Last weekend, the M31s (my group of volunteers, the 31st group of volunteers in Moldova) held our “COS lottery”.  COS stands for “close of service” and is the date when we transition from Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs).  In simpler terms, it is the day each of us ends our Peace Corps service here in Moldova.  This date is chosen differently in each Peace Corps post, but usually here in Moldova we get together as a group and have a lottery.  We can continue to change our dates by willingly trading with other volunteers until this spring.

Each of us went up front as our name was drawn from a hat and then we wrote our name in the slot we wanted.  Up to 6 of us can leave each available day throughout July and August.  I chose July 6th as my final day here, but have since traded with another volunteer and as of now, will be leaving July 5th!  Throughout the short lottery, a slideshow was shown with pictures from throughout our service, and the event was fun and energetic.

Leaving here will be bittersweet for so many reasons, which I’m sure is something I’ll share as my COS date gets closer.  For now, I’m excited to return home and move onto the next chapter of my life about 5 months from now, while also recognizing that I will dearly miss this place that’s become my second home.  Even just thinking about the many goodbyes that will have to happen in the increasingly near future makes me tear up.  Moldova and my time here has treated me overwhelming well and it will be hard to leave.