Ziua Sportiva (Sport Day)

Due to an added vacation day on May 8th, all schools in Moldova had to have a Saturday day of classes.  Since it’s so close to the end of the year and because many of the students at my school were away this weekend as part of a music and dance group that went to a competition in Romania, our school had a day of sports and health instead of regular lessons.

The younger students stayed at the school or went to a nearby park to have different relay races and participate in other activities and the older students went to the town’s “stadium” or soccer field to play sports and compete in competitions.  I went with the older students to the stadium.

At the stadium, some students played soccer or volleyball, while others played with jump-ropes and hula hoops.  Our adjunct director organized some running competitions (a 600 meter run, relay races, 100 meter sprint, etc.) with a couple of other teachers.  These seemed to be the most popular with the 5th through 7th grade students, though some 8th and 9th grade students also participated.  It was gorgeous weather and a lot of fun!