The Trek to the Outhouse

As I’ve mentioned before, for the first four months or so at my permanent site, we did not have a bathroom of any sort in the house.  Although many volunteers use outhouse some or most of the time (and they vary greatly from the simplest of squat toilets to rather nice ones that have a seat with a cover), it is a bit more uncommon for volunteers in Moldova to not have indoor plumbing.  I’m very grateful that I now have an indoor toilet and plumbing (no hot water yet, so still bathing, but at least not bucket bathing!) that I get to use all of the time (mostly because I had serious problems with the rooster that liked to attack me).

I recently found some videos and photos on a camera, including a video that showed what my walk to the outhouse looked like back when I still walked there three plus times a day, and I thought I’d share it.  This was taken late last summer.  It was a pretty long walk, through a narrow path between various outbuildings and past the chickens, rooster, ducks, and geese.  You can even get a glimpse of the rooster (though in this video the gate to the coop was closed, so no worry of attack)!

One thought on “The Trek to the Outhouse

  1. Gosh Beth – would never make it THAT far!!!! Would be scary for middle of nite trips to bathroom!!!! lol Your experiences are making us sooooo grateful for the small things we take for granted every day!!!! love u and miss u!

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