Dresser Makeover- Part I


I’ve been hard at work trying to finally finish my dresser makeover.  You know, the one I talked about well over a year ago?  I got an old dresser from a neighbor for free.  It was filthy but I could tell it was solidly built and I really liked the size and shape of it.  For the past year, I’ve spent 15 minutes here and there attempting to sand it down to the natural wood.  I’m not sure what kind of paint/stain was used on it, but it was taking forever.

I’ve been thinking for awhile that I really wanted a pop of bright yellow in my bedroom.  I came across an image of a yellow buffet in a dining room, and I loved it.  So I decided to paint the dresser instead of refinishing it by sanding it completely down and staining it.  After all, if I was willing to sand it down now, I can always strip it and get it back down to the natural wood in the future if I want.

Painting it also seemed like an easier option for now than what I was originally planning.  I washed the drawers really good the other day, but the dresser has been on the second floor of our garage/barn for the past year, so I was unable to get the actual dresser down on my own.  I figured my sister could help me get that down this morning, but she refused to help because the stairs are super steep and narrow.  Being the stubborn person I am (and making me realize how like my mother I am), I decided that was going to get that dresser down on my own.  Which was very possibly insane.  I told angrily told my sister that if I wasn’t back in the house in fifteen minutes to call the ambulance, and then proceeded to drag the dresser carefully down the stairs.  It wasn’t easy (and definitely not smart), but I did get it down all in one piece (and without injuring myself).  I’m waiting for it to dry now after I hosed it down, and then on to the actual painting!  Stay tuned for the actual makeover post!