Junior Year Goals Update

At the beginning of the school year, I wrote a post about my goals for my junior year.  And then I promptly forgot about them.  I just remembered I had written that post and I figured I’d give an update now that I finished my first semester.

1. Make at least 2 new friends. Kinda…I guess?  I’ve made some new friends, but not ones I really hang out with much.  And I’ve grown closer to some other people that were more like acquaintances last year.

2. Attend sporting events at least monthly. Nope, I haven’t attended even a single one.

3. Make health a priority. Again, this hasn’t really happened.

4. Less procrastination. I was really good for the first two months or so and then really lost my motivation.  I was still able to avoid homework on Saturdays and most Sundays though, so that’s good (and not get behind).

5. DO stuff! A little, but not really.  I did go hiking once.

6. Spend extra time in the studio. Not at all, really need to work on this next semester.

7. Read for fun more regularly. A little bit, I’ve read about two books so far.

I’ve apparently not done so well at achieving these goals, but I have a new semester to attempt these again!  I got my grades back this week, and they’re all really great, now I just need to work on the non-academic things!