Congratulations Graduates

My little sister graduated from high school on Saturday.  As the youngest in our family, she is the last to graduate, and I must admit it is very strange to think that our entire family now consists of alumni from our high school.  It’s weird to think that there are no more sports events, music concerts, awards dinners, academic fairs, open houses, or any other school events at all.  And it’s definitely weird to think that come this fall, my parents will be living alone with each other for the first time in 22 years.


As weird as it may be, I’m so incredibly proud of my sister.  She graduated as Valedictorian (3rd in the family!) and was very involved in high school.  She’s a hard worker who takes school seriously (most of the time, at least :)).  She held many different leadership roles and was involved in many varied activities (musical, orchestra, band, soccer, track, student council, class officer, National Honor Society, and more).  I can’t believe she’s all grown up now and can’t wait to see where she goes from here.  I am sure she will be successful in whatever she does (she’s currently going to major in business administration and communications).

Good luck Heather and I am so proud of you!