Life Lately 11~15~13

2013-11-15 15.18.51

This week was a long week.  I’m afraid this weekend is not going to include much rest or relaxation either.  I’m trying to stay positive.  After all, I just have 7 more days and I get to go home for a week, then I come back to college for one more week of classes and then I get to cram five finals in three days, and then I get three and a half weeks completely off!  Three finals are in one day, on Monday, then I have another Tuesday, and another Wednesday.  I think I might just have to sleep for the first couple of days home in order to recuperate.  I mean, that’s what vacations are for, right?

Thankful for… my grandparents and uncle driving out to take me out to dinner last night.  My uncle had just flown in from Texas to hunt with my grandpa, and decided that they should come visit me.  It was really nice to see them, especially in the middle of a rather stressful and long week.  They also brought me some goodies: my grandpa’s homemade (and absolutely delicious!) fudge and my grandma’s cookies!

Stressed about… the amount of work I need to get done the next few weeks.  I’m going home for one week a week from today, but this coming week and the one and a half weeks after my break are going to be overwhelming.  I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!

Super excited about… going home one week from today!!!!!!  I really need this break and can’t wait to see my family and snuggle by the wood stove and eat yummy food.

Trying… to live in the moment, which has been hard to do these past few weeks.  I so want to be done with this semester and I really need a break, but I’m really trying to appreciate each day and whatever it brings.  Easier said than done.

Working on… homework, homework, homework.  Also, a painting and a sculpture (which is actually wearable…or at least I hope it turns out that way!) and Christmas presents.

Proud of… my sister, Heather, who’s a senior in high school.  She made the honorable mention team for our division in soccer, and should therefore be able to go play soccer in Italy this coming spring!

I hope you had a far more relaxing week than I have had and continue to be able to relax and enjoy the wonderful fall weather (or, if you live anywhere near me, the chilly weather and light snowfall).