Update: 19 before 20

Awhile back, I posted about 19 goals I was hoping to achieve before I turned 20.  Since I have just a little over a month left before my birthday, I figured I would see how well I have done.

1. Run a 10k: This one hasn’t happened, and probably isn’t going to happen.  I just haven’t been running enough to do this distance.  I did run one 5k, so I sort of accomplished my goal, right?

2. Sew More: I have sewn more than past  years, especially for myself, so I would call this one a success! My specific goal was to make at least one shirt, one dress, and one non-clothing item. I’ve made two shirts, no dresses, and some other items. And I still have a few projects I would like to finish in the next month.

3. Build something: I finally finished the cornhole game for my grandpa, so I think this one has already been accomplished.

4. Make a quilt: Sadly, this one hasn’t happened.  I was hoping to at least start another quilt, but so far, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

5. Read daily: I did really well with this at the beginning, but regretfully, I totally slacked off after that.  It’s something I would really like to start again, though.  And I have definitely read more for fun the past year that the few years before that.

6. Take more photos: I have done really poorly on this one.  I just always forget to bring a camera with me!

7. Send a letter every month: Not quite every month, but I’ve been sending letters fairly regularly.

8. Redecorate my bedroom/paint: Yes!! It’s not done as far as the redecorating, but it is completely painted and in progress!

9. Exercise regularly: This one has been back and forth.  I’ll be good about it for awhile, and then I’ll totally slack off.  Definitely something I need to continue to work on.

10. Wear my hair down more: Another success!  I wear my hair down more than half of the time, which is a big improvement.

11. Go hiking more: More than before, but still not enough.  That’s going to have to change, though, because I need to get into really great hiking shape by April for my trip to Peru!

12. Play board games: Maybe not board games in particular, but my friends and I have played a lot of Quelf, Bananagrams, Dutch Blitz, and Apples to Apples, so I’ll say I’ve accomplished this one.

13. Save money to travel abroad: Completely accomplished! I am going to Peru this coming spring, and I actually have a small bit of money left over for spending money!

14. Learn to make 2 new meals: Yup! I learned to make chili and how to grill hamburgers.

15. Kayak: I went once with my whole family this summer on the river, and then also went sea kayaking in Maine during our visit to Acadia National Park.

16. Spend less time on the internet: I think this is another one where I do well sometimes, and then totally get sucked in at other times.

17. Blog weekly: I was rather absent over the summer, but otherwise, this one has mostly been accomplished.

18. Try new foods: I have tried veal, chili (I know, it’s a shock, but I had really never tried it before), Haddock, and scallops.

19. Spend more time outdoors: I’ve done much better than before, but still need to spend more time outside.

So, although I haven’t met all of my goals yet, I think I’ve done pretty well! I usually don’t even accomplish two things off the lists I make, so this is an improvement!