Top Memories of 2012

So, now that we’re a full week into the new year, I figured if I am going to do a “new year” sort of post, I better do it now.  Before I can really welcome in the new year, I’d like to share some of my favorite memories of 2012.

  1. Track practices.  As much as I dislike running, I definitely love track.  Track practices were full of fun (laughing and talking on runs, laughing during core, hanging out until everyone was finished, and more).
  2. Running with my friends and track-mates.  Both in and out of practice.  Some of the best discussions I have ever had occurred during long runs around town in the freezing cold.
  3. Girls nights with my best friends.  Sharing stories, drinking (non-alcoholic) strawberry daiquiris, and laughing until we cried.
  4. Helping out with the musical set.  I only did this on two occasions, but I really enjoyed it.
  5. Babysitting.  I babysat many times this year for several different families.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
  6. Baking.  With friends, with my mom or sister, and with my grandpa.
  7. Accomplishing 22 items on our Summer Project List.  We made jam, had a barbeque, made a poster, went to lawn sales, had a campfire, biked, hiked, cooked, baked, picked berries, went to the library, made breakfast with the family, painted planting pots, organized our backroom shelf, painted kitchen stools, made invitations, went out for ice cream, sketched, painted, made homemade ice cream sandwiches, made homemade bread, and camped.
  8. Celebrating my grandpa’s (Pappy’s) 80th birthday.  All four kids were home, including his two daughters who live in the south and who surprised him by coming up, and we had a wonderful family celebration: good food, awesome cake, special song (written by one of my musically-talented uncles), and gave him a steel guitar just like the one he played as a young man.
  9. Senior trip.  We went to Boston and enjoyed a huge suite at the hotel, a dinner/dance cruise, a Blue Man Group performance, and shopping.
  10. Biking along South River Road several times this summer.  It’s a very peaceful and beautiful ride that is about 9 miles.
  11. Sitting on the front porch alone.  Reading and going on my laptop, or just sitting there.
  12. Making new friends here at college.  I have made several great friends.
  13. Group skyping with my friends from home.  Lots of laughs and funny stories.
  14. Hanging out in the hallway of my residence hall.  For several hours.  On multiple occasions.
  15. Hanging out in a friend’s room as we waited for Hurricane Sandy (which fortunately ended up missing us)- played games, ate Chinese food, watched movies, laughed, bonded.
  16. Hiking through the snowy woods on Christmas day with my mom and brother.

What are some of your favorite memories from this year?  Did you try something new, make a new friend, or just enjoy time with family and friends?

Best of luck to all in 2013! May it be the best year yet!