My Most Recent Print

Good evening!  So, here is the print I was working on in my printmaking class last week.

We started with a photograph, then used adobe photoshop to make the image easier to transfer into a print.  This print took me a long time to make- about 8 hours worth of carving and 2 hours of printing.  I used a different press for this one because the lines were so thin that they moved when they went through the normal press (it rolls with quite a bit of pressure).  Instead I used a vertical press that cranks downward.  It took a bit longer (and was harder physically- you had to tighten the screw really hard), but the resulting image was much clearer.

The contrast is much greater in person as the white is much brighter.  I entered it into an art show at our college this past weekend, and I got a lot of compliments on it.  Several people even said it was the best print there!!  It was really nice to hear that after the numerous hours I put into it.

Our current project is very different.  We are moving out of linoleum cuts and are instead doing a print from objects pasted onto paper.  Mine is a barn made out of wire with grass (made of sand) and mountains made out of this special kind of paste.  I really have no clue how it’ll turn out but it’s looking pretty cool at this point.  I’ll try to share in-progress pictures of that one since who knows if it will look good once printed.

Have a wonderful evening!!

*As a result of it being midterms week, I am taking a bit of a break from my publishing of quotes.  Hopefully, they will be back next week!