Snow and Ice and Rain, Oh My!

I don’t know what the weather’s like in your neck of the woods, but it is especially icky here.  The temperature is hovering right around freezing, it has been raining all day, and the ground is solid ice.  My college didn’t cancel classes, so I’ve had to already brave the horrid sidewalks and have to again in a bit for my afternoon class.  I stepped in a puddle that was 3-4 inches deep (there was no other option-things are flooding!) on my way to my morning class.  The water was so, so cold!  It felt like my toes got to hang out in an ice bath for way too long.  Not fun.  Then after my class, I went to the campus post office to send some letters and check my mail, and the little incline up to the post office was entirely ice!  Very scary.  I’ve survived thus far, though, and my feet finally have feeling back in them after an hour in my warmest, dry-est pair of socks.  I don’t have rain boots, so hiking boots it is for the walk to my second class!  Hopefully, they’ll keep me nice and dry!

I have to admit, though, I didn’t feel so bad about the weather once I called my mom.  My hometown got into the -20s/-30s over the weekend and lost power for over 12 hours.  Most people have electric furnaces, so this has wrecked havoc across town.  Even a couple of days after heat has been restored, people are discovering burst pipes in places that seemed fine yesterday.  My grandparent’s house (they’re in Florida for the winter) has leaks, our church has leaks, the middle/high school has burst pipes, our other properties are still thawing out but most likely have leaks.  Add to that a number of fires, and you’ve got a very miserable February break.  My mom told me the firefighters haven’t sleep in over 2 days, and are running out of food and drink supplies.

I saw someone post on Facebook that at least it’s not snow.  I disagree.  I’d much prefer snow to this icky weather.  At least snow is easier to remove from the sidewalk than inches of water!  And it’s definitely more beautiful.  It has certainly been a weird winter.  It’s been way warmer than usual and we’ve only gotten a dusting of snow here and there.  And now this yucky ice/rain mixture.  It’s only February, but I’m thinking spring can come now (and I generally like winter!).

Update: I didn’t get this posted earlier, so I’m going to add the update that it’s now snowing big fat snowflakes and it seems a lot better out there.

How’s the weather where you live?  Any fun weather-related stories?

Brrr!! It’s Cold Out There!

2015-02-26 15.21.46

Brr!!! It’s been cold here!  I don’t think I remember ever having a winter that consistently stayed this cold.  There were winters when I was little that brought a lot of snow, but never these temperatures.  I was reading a news article about upstate New York (where I live) a couple of days ago and was a bit surprised by the statistics: the average temperature this February has been 10.4 degrees; this is the first month EVER on record in which the temperature never rose above freezing (assuming the forecasts for the next two days are correct); we’ve gotten double the February average for snow this month; snow has fallen every single day this month (not always a lot, but at least a few snowflakes every single day); because it has been so cold and we’ve gotten so much snow, there is more snow on the ground than we’ve had any time in the past 8 years; towns are being forced to cut back on using salt (making the roads more dangerous) because they’re already running out and here in New York, we often get snow into April.

As I read this, all I could think of was “Yikes!”  It made it up to 32 degrees last Sunday (unfortunately, I was heading back to college and didn’t get to enjoy it very much) and as my dad and I drove across town to visit my grandparents, we rolled the windows down.  We kept remarking on how warm it was and how nice it felt, while in reality it wasn’t even above freezing.  I generally don’t mind winter, but for the first time in my life, Florida is sounding rather nice (okay, let’s be honest, anything above like 20 sounds really great right about now).

With this brutal winter, I’m looking forward to spring even more than usual.  I have a feeling we’re going to be there really soon because this month flew by.  I can’t wait to go outside in my flip-flops (as a rule, I only wear them outside if it’s over 40 degrees), wear a t-shirt (or even just ditch the coat), and be able to go on a walk without worrying about frostbite (last week I was home for break and it got down to -30 with the windchill).

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?  Spring might look like it’s going to take it’s sweet time getting here, but it’ll be here soon.  I hope.

*Facts from here.