Evening of Day 1 and Day 2 in Peru

**I am truncating this post due to the large amount of pictures. Please read on to see more!

Well, I have to say the last three days have been both very busy and full of interesting adventures (to say the very least). On Sunday evening, we walked around Cusco a bit, mostly in the Plaza de Armas area, then went to dinner at a local restaurant. I don’t remember the name of it, seeing as when we arrived I started to get rather and quite suddenly nauseous.  It was a three-course meal, and I ate very little of it at all (as in 3 spoonfuls of the soup).  We then walked back to the house we are staying in.  As we walked, I got more and more nauseous.  There is a fairly short but very steep hill up to the house we are staying in, and the climb combined with the altitude caused me to get sick right outside the house.  I’m not sure if it was altitude sickness or something else, but I definitely did not feel well at all.  I then went to sleep right away. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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We Have Arrived in Cusco!

**This post is truncated due to the mass amount of photos. Please read on to see more!

I discovered that I will have access to internet for the next few days at the very least and possibly for the majority of the rest of the trip, so I will try to write updates as much as possible.

We departed from JFK airport in New York City at about midnight last night.  Since there is only a one hour time difference in Peru (because they don’t do daylight savings time here), we arrived at about 6:30 AM local time.  We then had to go through customs, which was actually very quick.  We had to catch another flight to Cusco, so we had to get our baggage, check in again and recheck our baggage, and then had a bit of free time in the airport.  Our flight to Cusco was supposed to depart at about 9:10, but was a bit late.  We arrived in Cusco at about 11:00, retrieved our baggage, then met up with Yure, our guide while we are in Cusco.  We are staying at his house for the next few days.  The rooms are really nice, with private bathrooms.  None of us got much sleep last night on the plane, so we had a nap period for about an hour or so, and then were served a really nice, light lunch of chicken, potatos, and vegetables, with chocolate pudding for dessert.

I got some pictures out the plane window as we approached the Cusco airport.  The area around here is so gorgeous!


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