Christmas in Scotland

Last fall, I spent about 10 days in Scotland on my first solo trip overseas. I thoroughly enjoyed that trip (you can read all about it here), so I was thrilled when my sister suggested that our family spend Christmas there this year. We emphatically said, "yes!". This trip was different from my first in … Continue reading Christmas in Scotland

Scotland: Edinburgh (Part 2)

Sorry for the radio (or blog) silence the past month. Life got busy, but I do have two more posts to share about my trip to Scotland and Ireland this past October. You may remember that during my trip, I used Edinburgh as a home base from where I took several day trips. I also … Continue reading Scotland: Edinburgh (Part 2)

Scotland: Edinburgh (Part 1)

On the second day of my trip, I took the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh. It's about an hour-long trip and the train was fairly comfortable. Still being a bit jet-lagged, I may have napped a bit on the way. Upon arriving in Edinburgh, I dropped my bags off at the hostel I had booked. … Continue reading Scotland: Edinburgh (Part 1)