Moldovan Cuisine Monday: “Borscht”


Borscht: I used to think that borscht was a beet-based soup, and although that can be true and is what Americans generally consider it to be, there are many variations.  I have had the traditional, beet-based borscht once, and it was actually not too bad, but it seems that a cabbage-based borscht is more common.  Since moving to my permanent site, I have had cabbage borscht almost every single day, generally for lunch.  It seems to be mostly made up of cabbage, broth (which is red, so I think it is made using tomato juice), and potatoes, and not a whole lot else.  It’s actually pretty tasty, although after eating it every day for over a month, I’m not sure I like it as much as I originally did!

One thought on “Moldovan Cuisine Monday: “Borscht”

  1. Beth,
    We have been enjoying reading your blog and we will continue to do so! Your life seems very different (not seems, I’m sure it is!) yet the joy of knowing the life of others seems to have already connected with your soul! We know that what you are doing and who you are in this different land of God’s people will certainly make a difference in your life and in their life! Carry on and God Bless!
    Anytime you wish, please add anyone you may want to name to our prayer list at church, we pray for you and anyone you raise up for us to pray!
    Janet and Maureen

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