21 Before 22 Update

So, I was hoping to post all of my goals and tell you about how I accomplished all of them, but I’ll be honest.  I only completed 6 out of my 21.  Yikes!

So, these are the goals I DID accomplish:

#1. Finish bedroom makeover.  Yay!!!!!  You can see my “new” bedroom here.

#2. Write at least one letter per month.  I think this is one of the only goals I’ve managed to keep over several years.  I know how much I love receiving snail mail, so I like to write to people as well.

#10. Do something DARING.  I took a leap of faith and applied to the Peace Corps.

#11. Pick berries.  Blueberries and raspberries.  Yippee!

#16. Kayak.  I’m pretty sure I kayaked at least twice.

#21. Have a picnic.  I had several picnics with my students in the spring.

Honestly, I think my goals simply changed over the course of the year.  Plus, this year was a busy year.  As much as I love my birthday goals, I think I’m going to try something different this year.  There is so much unknown about the year before that I had trouble coming up with goals.  I think I’m going to Wishes for the New Year instead.  Not New Year’s Resolutions or goals, per say, but wishes.