Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites on The Oke Den

If someone were to ask me what my favorite season is, I would probably have a hard time answering.  You see, I love fall, but I also (gasp!) love winter.  And yes, I live in a place that gets true, snowy, freezing winters.  I know many people dislike winter and even those that don’t hate it are unlikely to say it’s their favorite, but I really love winter.  That said, fall and winter are probably tied in terms of my favorite seasons.  Some of my favorite parts of the season:

The chilly weather: There is just something so refreshing and enlivening about the chill in the air this time of year (and it’s been quite chilly here the past few days- in the 40s).

Bringing out the sweaters: Cozy sweaters are one of my favorite things.  I love being able to wear a simple sweater and cozying up in it.

Apple cider!!: Apple cider is definitely my favorite beverage in the whole world! I only really get it during the fall, so I’m drinking it up in large quantities right now.

Pumpkin cookies: My mom makes the BEST pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and she will only make them this time of year, so I’ve been very excited to have them delivered from home for me.

Lazing around in leggings and wool socks: I’m not big on wearing just leggings out in public, but when I’m in my room, there’s a good chance I’m wearing my fleece-lined leggings and my cozy, super warm wool socks.

The fall foliage: It isn’t the same here at college, but I’ve at least gotten some glimpses of the beautiful fall foliage.  One of the things I miss most at college is the brightly colored mountains at home.

Getting away with wearing flip-flops and boots in the same day: Flip-flops are my favorite, and I can tell the days are getting fewer when it is warm enough to wear them, but I like that the weather is at a point right not where I can where my boots in the morning and at night when it’s in the 30s, but my flip-flops during the afternoon.

Drinking tea, hot chocolate, and hot cider: I love warm drinks (besides coffee, I don’t touch that at all!), so I’m happy that it is cool enough to drink them again.

The fact that Christmas is fast approaching: I know, I know.  Christmas is a winter holiday, but we’re close enough to have a countdown now! In case you were wondering, there are 63 days until Christmas.  And Thanksgiving Break is only 30 days away!

Scarves: Scarves are my favorite (and often only) accessory, and they are a staple of my fall wardrobe.

I could probably continue for awhile, but we’ll curb my love there.  What is your favorite part of fall? Do you live in a place that gets four true seasons?  We have a joke in my hometown that our county is the only in the country where you can experience all 4 seasons in 4 days.