Junior Year Goals

College Goals Junior Year

I am a list-maker, so it’s only natural that I would make a list of goals for the coming school year.  This year is likely going to be a tough year academically, so I’m only going to make 5 7 goals (I couldn’t help myself- I like setting goals too much).

1. Make at least 2 new friends.  Although I have several really great friends, I really want to expand my friend’s circle.

2. Attend sporting events at least monthly.  I was an athlete in high school and enjoy going to sporting events, but haven’t really done so at college the past 2 years.  I’d like to attend some soccer games, basketball games, hockey games, and so on.

3. Make health a priority.  Like many college students, I have not put enough focus on my health, both mental and physical.  I really want to eat healthier, work on getting fit again, and work on improving my mental health by keeping stress levels down and making sure I pay attention to how I’m feeling mentally.

4. Less procrastination.  I am, and always will be, a procrastinator.  It’s simply part of who I am.  In fact, I actually produce better work under pressure.   However, I want to cut out unnecessary procrastination.   I want to get assignments done in a more timely manner and get ahead on work so I don’t spend my entire weekend working on homework.  I have pretty much 3 week days with no classes, so I really want to use the time my friends are in class to get some work done so that I am available to hang out when they are available.

5. DO stuff!  I really want to do more things this year, both on-campus and off-campus.  I’d like to get off campus for an outing as least once a month and attend more on-campus events (bonus: my college gives out free raffle tickets at most events, so there’s also a good chance of winning money or other cool prizes).  I spent far too much time last semester on my computer, shut in my room, which really affected my mood.  No more of that!

6. Spend extra time in the studio. Because I procrastinate, I really didn’t have a lot of time or energy to work on my art beyond class assignments.  I really want to change that this year.  It is important for me to work on projects other than class assignments so I can perfect my skills and explore what kind of art I really want to make (plus, without a deadline looming over me, I think it will be pretty therapeutic).  I especially want to spend extra time in the ceramics studio.

7. Read for fun more regularly.  I really got back into reading this summer and I’d like to continue that.  Reading has so many great long-lasting benefits (it even decreases your chances of having Alzheimer’s later in life!), but I really just read because I truly enjoy it.  This summer I re-read the Harry Potter series, along with several other books.  I’d like to read more memoirs and other non-fiction books this semester.

I could probably come up with a whole slew of other goals, but I think we’d better just stick with these 7.  For those of you who have been to college and are now through it, any other things I should keep in mind? Am I forgetting anything really important?  Also, I didn’t really include much specifically about academics, mainly because that’s a goal I have every semester and I usually don’t have too much trouble with.