20 Before 21 Update (March-May)

I thought that, in order to remind myself of my yearly goals, that I will post an update on what I have accomplished from my “20 Before 21” list each month.  I got a little behind due to last weeks of classes, finals week, and my 3-week trip to Peru, so here is what I have accomplished in the months of March, April, and May.

1. Run a 10k. -Not yet completed

2. Send a handwritten note once a month.

  • March: I sent a letter to my friend, Kristine.
  • April: I’m pretty sure I sent something, but I really can’t remember.
  • May: not yet

3. Stay in better touch with friends from home.

  • March: skyped with friends twice, spent a weekend with 2 of my friends
  • April: briefly saw one of my friends
  • May: will be seeing my friends this coming weekend!

4. Get physically fit.

  • March: gym several times, a couple of walks, hiked twice
  • April: Peru- hiked the Inca Trail, walked several miles each day, lots of stairs, lots of uphill hikes
  • May: a couple of hikes, some walks

5. Hike the Inca Trail.- Completed April 18, 2014!!!!

6. Read 1 book a month.

  • March: The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom (read it in 1 day!)
  • April: Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams
  • May: Orphan Train  by Christina Baker Kline

7. Make a quilt. -Not yet completed

8. Take more photos (at least 1 a week)

  • March: took quite a few
  • April: took LOTS (in Peru)
  • May: not so many, need to do better

9. Learn to make at least 2 new meals. -Completed!

  • May: Chicken and potatoes on the grill with fried zucchini, goulash, tacos

10. Finish Switzerland scrapbook. -Haven’t yet made any progress on this one

11. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier.

  • March: didn’t do so well on this one
  • April: a bit better on getting up early (in Peru, there were several mornings we got up around 3 AM), but we stayed up late (totally worth it though)
  • May: so far, doing quite well

12. Journal daily.

  • March: kept up with my journal until about halfway through the month, and then kind of just stopped
  • April: not so well, but did journal daily (in Spanish) while in Peru
  • May: not at all so far 😦

13. Drink at least 1 bottle of water a day

  • March: yes!
  • April: yes!
  • May: not so great so far

14. Limit junk food.

  • March: not so great
  • April: first half, didn’t do so well, but did well once we went to Peru
  • May: pretty good so far

15. Eat fruits/veggies every day.

  • March: good
  • April: good
  • May: good so far

16. Go on a picnic. -Still looking forward to!

17. Have a snowball fight.

18. Bike S. River Rd. -Waiting for summer!

19. Make a terrarium. -Not yet

20. Plant a tree. -Completed! Planted 250 Christmas trees with my grandpa