Finished Ceramics Pieces!

I am planning to do a couple of posts of all the artwork I’ve done this school year sometime in May, when I’m all finished, but I am so excited that I finally have finished Ceramics projects, that I just couldn’t wait to share some of them!  I will give more information and share all of my Ceramics projects, Sculpture assignments and paintings then, but for now, I’d like to share some of my Ceramics projects today.  I started Ceramics I in January, and we have made quite a few things.  We didn’t start glazing until a couple of weeks ago, and today the glazed pieces had finally been fired.  It’s really cool to see how different things look once they have been glazed and finished.  I’m really happy with everything, even though nothing is perfect.  After all, this is the first round, so they shouldn’t be too nice yet.

Nonfunctional mug tiny mug Small wave mug braided-rim bowl red wavy bowl sun and moon shot glasses small bowl small ice cream bowl tiny ice cream bowl blue shallow bowlI’m really pleased with how everything turned out!  These are all pretty small, the largest is only 3″ tall and the widest has a diameter of about 5″.  The first six pieces (the first 6 collages above) were handcrafted, the final four were turned on the wheel.  My favorites are the tiny mug (the 2nd from the top) and the shallow blue bowl (the last one above).  I’m pretty sure I’m going to concentrate in Ceramics, so you will likely see a lot more of my ceramics from this point forward!