20 Before 21

You may have gathered from my most recent “Life Lately” post that my birthday is on Christmas day.  I have always had very mixed feelings about this.  I like that I don’t have school on my birthday ever and that most people remember when my birthday is.  And Christmas is my very favorite time of the year.  On the other hand, although people remember when my birthday is, they often forget about it on the actual day.  Plus, I never get my own day; usually I don’t even get a birthday dinner.  I do usually get a birthday cake and my family sings to me, and my parents have always kept my Christmas and birthday presents separate (and I always remember what I get for which, even a few years later!), but I never get to celebrate on my actual birthday with my friends.  Oh, well.

Anyway, I decided to actually make my birthday goals on (ok, the day after) my birthday.  I really like the idea of making birthday goals instead of New Year’s resolutions (even though New Year’s is only six days after my birthday).  Last year, when I turned 19, I made 19 goals to do before I turned 20.  This year, I turned 20, so I made 20 goals I’d like to achieve before I turn 21 (I really can’t believe I’m out of my teenage years- I’m not sure I like it).  So here’s my list:

1. Run a 10k. This was one of my goals from last year that I didn’t achieve, but really want to achieve this year.

2. Send a handwritten note once a month. I am always so excited when I receive a hand-written note, so I would like to share the love and make others’ days by sending notes.

3. Stay in better touch with my friends from home. We’ve all been really bad about this.  I go months without talking (or skyping or even texting) any of my old friends and would really like to stay in better touch this year.

4. Get physically fit. This kind of goes along with #1, but beyond running, I want to get my body back in shape in general.

5. Hike the Inca Trail. Ok, this one is already in the works, as it is part of my college trip to Peru, but it’s on my bucket list, so I wanted to include it here.

6. Read 1 book per month. I tried to read daily last year, but wasn’t very successful.  I think this might be a more attainable goal.

7. Make a quilt. I have a few that I’ve begun to plan, so hopefully I’ll finish one.

8. Take more photos (at least 1 per week). I failed miserably last year, hoping to do better this year.  I really want to have photos of my college years to look back on later in life.

9. Learn to make at least 2 new meals. Last year, I learned to make chili and grill hamburgers, we’ll see what this year brings.

10. Finish my Switzerland scrapbook. My family went to Switzerland in 2008.  It was our really big family vacation to Europe and my parents had saved for it for years.  We took well over 400 pictures while there.  Several years ago I picked out the good ones and printed them, but I’ve only made a small dent in scrapbooking them.

11. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier. When I was little, I was a morning person, but since middle school, I’ve gotten into the habit of staying up too late to get up early.  I’d really like to change that this year.

12. Journal daily. I did this diligently in 2012, and have really liked being able to look back at what I did each day, so I’d like to make it a habit again.

13. Drink at least 1 water bottle of water daily. Preferably, it will be more than 1 water bottle, but at least it’s a step in the right direction, right?

14. Limit junk food. I’m a lot better about this at college, to be honest.  I just don’t keep junk food in my room.  But I need to better about it at home.

15. Eat fruits and/or veggies EVERY day. I’m horrible at this at college, and it’s something I really need to put the effort forth for.

16. Go on a picnic. Because I love picnics.

17. Have a snowball fight. I don’t think I participated in a single one last year, which is just plain sad.

18. Bike South River Road. It’s my very favorite bike ride, and I want to make sure I do it again this summer.

19. Make a terrarium. I’ve always wanted to, but have never actually done it.  I think they are so pretty.

20. Plant a tree. Because planting a tree gives new life, and because I like planting things.