Life Lately 10-23-13

Oops! Let’s pretend it’s still Sunday and that I am not three days late with this post! Part of the reason I am late is that I have been thinking that perhaps my Life Lately posts are a bit boring, especially for readers that do not personally know me.  After contemplating this issue for awhile, I have decided to change up the format a bit.  Hopefully you’ll all enjoy it better!

Reading… Anne’s House of Dreams and the other Anne of Green Gables books.  Anne’s House of Dreams is the fifth in the series of eight books.  Although they probably aren’t books for everyone, I absolutely love these books!  They make me want to pack everything up and move to Prince Edward Island right away!  From what I’ve heard, it’s still a very lovely place.

Eagerly Anticipating… Thanksgiving Break.  Yes, I am aware that it is still four and a half weeks away.  The week-long break can not come soon enough!  I can’t wait to have some relaxing down time, bake yummy goodies, clean our house, and spend time with friends and family.

Wishing… I had more money so I could buy lots of cozy sweaters and blankets to keep me warm as it gets colder.  Not that I am freezing, I just wish I could buy lots of sweaters to keep me even warmer.

Trying… to exercise more and be more active.  So far, I haven’t done so well, but I’m going to keep trying!

Excited about… going to Peru in the spring!  I cannot wait to travel to Peru, hike the Inca Trail, and interact with the locals.

Overall, the past week and a half has been a good one.  I’ve been busy, but I’ve been able to take some time off from work to go to field hockey games, go on some adventures, and spend some time with friends.  The last few days I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed and overtired, but I’m working on catching up on sleep and getting a bit ahead on homework so that I can enjoy the coming weekend.

Have a lovely week!