19 before 20

So, you may have seen bloggers that are doing “25 before 26” sort of challenges, where they set goals (the number of which is based on how old they are) to complete before they turn a year older.  Well, it’s not by birthday (in fact I’m approaching my half-birthday), but I really like the idea and decided that I still had plenty of time to set goals and (hopefully!) accomplish them.  After all, I’m quite a bit younger than a lot of other bloggers, so I have fewer goals to complete.


1. Run a 10k: I’m hoping to complete this sometime this summer.

2. Sew more: at least 1 dress, 1 skirt, and 1 non-clothing item (maybe a scarf?).

3. Build something: anything, really.

4. Make a quilt: not sure this one will happen, but hopefully I’ll at least start this one.

5. Read daily: I’ve been trying to read at least 20 minutes a day, and have been somewhat successful.

6. Take more photos: of everyday life, exciting moments, anything.

7. Send a letter every month: to anyone, but must be handwritten!

8. Redecorate/paint my bedroom: working on this one, hoping it will happen!

9. Exercise regularly: at least 3 times a week.

10. Wear my hair down more: I’ve been good at this lately, since it’s short, but want to keep it up as it gets longer.

11. Go hiking more: hoping at least once a week over the summer.

12. Play board games: any kind, and including games like Bananagrams, which doesn’t technically have a board.

13. Save $ to travel abroad: hoping to study abroad next spring, so need some money- which means less spending.

14. Learn how to make 2 new meals: I bake, but rarely cook, so trying to increase my repertoire.

15. Kayak: shouldn’t have to put this one on here, but it didn’t happen at ALL last year- how did that happen?!?

16. Spend less time on the internet!: which kinda contradicts the next one, but seriously, I need to spend more time doing things instead of on the internet.

17. Blog weekly: really trying to do this, we’ll see!

18. Try new foods: I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food, so want to branch out a bit more.

19. Spend more time outdoors: especially while at college- I spend way too much time inside!

I think it’s a pretty good list- hopefully, I’ll complete it all!

Do you ever make a birthday list?  I think I like it better than new year’s resolutions, but maybe that’s just me.