Life Lately

Last weekend was pretty uneventful.  I did some homework, started packing (not much, but at least it’s a start) for home, and did some laundry and such.  On Saturday night, I went to this place called “Harris Hill”- it’s this mini amusement park of sorts.  Before I went, someone had told me that whenever they go, they feel as if they have been transported back to the 1950s or something, and I agree that it has that sort of feel.  There are some small rides and such, ponies, a golf hitting range, go-cart racing, and a mini golf course.  At dusk, we went up to the overlook, where we watched the sun set.  I then rode around town with some friends, getting a tour of all of Elmira.

I continued my fieldwork this week.  It was a rougher week, but I’m still really enjoying it.  I didn’t get as much sleep this week as I have been getting, which means I’m pretty tired.  I had an art show, which opened on Thursday night.

Last night, I played the game Quelf with some friends until very late.  I wish I had more to tell about, but it was a pretty uneventful week.  I head home on Wednesday- I can’t believe I’m almost finished with my freshman year of college- it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long!

Have a wonderful weekend and week!

Life Lately

I’m sorry my posts are just updates on my life lately, but life’s been so busy lately that I don’t have much more to talk about.  During the week, I do little more than go to my fieldwork, go to my music class, do homework, maybe hang out with friends for a little bit, and maybe surf the internet or read for a bit.  I haven’t been running even close to as much as I was hoping to.  I have decided to do a 5k instead of the 10k because I just haven’t had the time to train that I had hoped for.  I think I only ran about two times in the past two weeks- yikes!  I know I’m in good enough shape to run the 5k, though, so I figured doing that was better than nothing.  I’m going to try to find a 10k in my area to do sometime during the summer.

I went home last weekend for Mother’s Day.  I spent Friday evening with my grandparents, who I haven’t seen since Thanksgiving (which is longer than I’ve ever gone without seeing them- I’ve certainly missed them!).  My little sister (who’s a junior in high school) had her junior prom on Saturday, so most of the day was spent getting ready for that.  She looked gorgeous!  My cousin Bri came over to help her with makeup and stayed until about midnight, so it was nice to spend some time with her, as well.  The prom was held in “The Castle”, an old armory, and it was a beautiful venue.  Since it was in town (in the past it has almost always been in a town 45 minutes away), I decided to go to the crowning, which is open to the public, so it was a bit of a late night.  On Sunday, we went to church, then headed to Oneonta (about 45 minutes away) to meet my grandparents and aunt, uncle, and cousins to celebrate Mother’s Day at Brook’s BBQ.  It was nice to see my cousins again (once again, we hadn’t seen them since Thanksgiving, which is rather uncommon).  Once we were finished eating, my dad drove me back to campus.

The past week was my only full week in the classroom for fieldwork, and I must say it was exhausting!  It’s really hard to get to bed early at night when everyone else doesn’t have to be up in the morning until 10 or later, but I’ve been doing a pretty good job of getting to bed on time (I have to- it’s no fun having too little sleep when around kids all day).  I only have a week and a half until I return to home sweet home!!  To say I’m excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling.  I am ready for a nice, long break.

I am going to be working two jobs this summer, but I will hopefully still have time to get everything done that I want to do.  And one for one of the jobs, I will be doing one of my favorite things- (exterior) painting!

I have a lot of homework to do this weekend, but will try to fit in another post (that’s not about my life, hopefully).  Have a lovely weekend!  I hope it’s relaxing and fun-filled!

Just Another Random Post

Yikes! It’s been awhile!  We’re now almost halfway through Term III, and it’s been a busy past two weeks.  I started my fieldwork two Tuesdays ago.  I’m in a third grade classroom at a local school 8-12 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and 8-3 on Wednesdays.  So far it’s been a very wonderful learning experience.  I am also taking a Fundamentals of Music class, which is also going well.  Unfortunately, these two classes alone have been taking up much of my time; when combined with running and homework, I have very little free time.  Luckily, the past two weeks have passed quickly and we only have 3 1/2 more weeks to go before it’s time to head home!!

It is so nice to have such lovely weather as we’ve had the past two weeks (we’ve had some rain, but for the most part it has been sunny and warm).  Last Saturday, I took advantage of the weather and went hiking with some friends and just sitting outside.  I was outside from about 11 until about 8:30 at night, which luckily helped me sleep very well.  I’ve been trying to run everyday, but unfortunately, that hasn’t quite happened.  I am getting in better shape, though, and ran the fastest mile I’ve run in a year yesterday afternoon.  I’m still hoping to run a 10K on June 1st.  Hopefully I’ll be ready!  I have to register soon, so I better start running more this week.

Last night I went to Spirit Cafe at the church I’ve been attending here in Elmira- it was a wonderful experience and I met so many wonderful people!  I just got back from a wonderful picnic at a nearby park with friends- sometimes it’s nice to just get off campus.  I’m not sure what my plans are for the rest of the weekend.  I’m hoping to catch up on my journal and do some other relaxing stuff, such as reading.

I’m very ready to be home.  As great as this past school year has been, I’ll be glad to return.  My grandparents got home from several months in Florida this past week, which just adds to my desire to be done.  I’m planning to go home next weekend for Mother’s Day and will probably spend a lot of time with them, which will be nice.

I’m sorry for this unorganized, random post.  I just felt like I should catch up.  Have a wonderful afternoon and evening!