Sleeping In

I had an interesting conversation with a friend today about sleep.  I realized that I have somewhat odd thoughts about sleep.  You see, I have never slept well.  Even when I was young, it would take me half an hour to an hour (at least!) to fall asleep each night.  I remember being about seven or so, and telling my mom how long it took me to fall asleep and that she didn’t believe me.  But it really was true.  Those sleep problems became more annoying as I got older.  Once I was in high school, not only did I have trouble falling asleep (sometimes it would take me several hours), but I also started to have difficulties in staying asleep.  Sometimes, I would lie awake for hours, only to fall asleep and wake back up and hour or so later.  Sometimes, I was able to fall back asleep fairly quickly, other times I really struggled.  I am also very sensitive to light and sound.

When I first came to college, I had fewer sleep issues.  I fell asleep more quickly and woke up in the night less frequently.  In the past couple of months, however, my sleep issues have started to come back.  Last night was particularly rough.  I’m not sure what causes my sleeping issues, and I have never talked to a doctor about them (although I probably should), but I do know that it is really annoying.

You would think, therefore, that I would sleep in when I had the opportunity, but I rarely do.  You see, I really don’t like sleeping in.  First of all, because neither my college dorm room or my bedroom at home have effective light-blocking blinds or curtains, I usually wake up once the sun is really shining.  So, even on weekends, I usually wake up by about 8:00.  But I also really dislike spending valuable time sleeping, particularly since I rarely sleep soundly once the sun is up anyway.  Even if I only sleep in until 9:00, I feel like I have wasted so much time in the day.  Oddly, I don’t feel the same when I nap.  Perhaps it’s because I try to really relax and enjoy any days I might have off, whether it is the summer, vacation, or on the weekend.  Even when I really need to catch up on sleep, my day goes better if I just wake up at a fairly decent time rather than sleep in really late.  Or perhaps it’s because I think I am actually a morning person at heart, and always got up really early as a child, so I actually like being up in the morning.  I’m not really sure.

I’d love to hear your opinion on the topic.  Do you like to sleep in or do you feel that it is a waste of time? Can sleeping really even be considered a waste of time (I would say so, but I know many people who strongly disagree)?

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  1. I’m a really odd middle-aged father and grandfather. I actually think napping is a great use of time. Must admit, though, I’m not much for sleeping in–usually up by 6:00 or 6:30. Best wishes in your college studies. Peace and best, John

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