Life Lately 10-13-13

Last Sunday, I spent quite a bit of time cleaning my room and reorganizing things.  I find that if I take a couple of hours at the beginning of each week to figure out what I need to do that week and clean up a bit, my whole week goes a lot smoother.  Once I had cleaned and such, I spent some time doing homework.  In the late afternoon, I hung out with some of my friends and played Dutch Blitz.  Later in the evening, I skyped with three of my best friends from home for awhile.  Monday was a pretty busy day.  After my classes were finished, I went on a run for the first time in four months.  I pushed myself a bit too hard and could barely walk for three days afterwards, but it felt great as I was running and helped me get into a much better mood.  I also did some laundry, and in the evening, I went to an Encore performance on campus (Encore is one of our required freshman and sophomore courses where we attend 6 performances per semester and write an essay based on those performances each semester).  The performance was by an Irish group and was wonderful!  Several of my friends are in love with Ireland and some of them are traveling to Ireland in April and May this coming spring, so they were really excited to attend the concert.  On Tuesday, I had class until 5, then a club meeting, and then went to two of my friends’ volleyball game on campus.  They play on the JV team, and won their first set (they didn’t win the game, unfortunately) in about 6 years, so it was a bit exciting.  I then did quite a bit of homework until fairly late.  On Wednesday, I had four classes (including my last class of PE for the Classroom Teacher, which is only a half-semester course).  A bunch of my friends and I then went to one of our friend’s field hockey games.  It was her birthday, so we were really glad our team won!  We went to Sweet Frog, a frozen yogurt place, afterwards and then ate dinner with the birthday girl (it was her 21st birthday, so I really shouldn’t call her a girl anymore).  I then headed to the painting studio to finish my painting, which was due the next day, and was there pretty late.

On Thursday, I packed for home and studied for one of my midterms.  I also cleaned my room a bit.  I hung out with some of my friends for a short while, but everyone was pretty busy doing homework and studying, so I decided to go to bed early.  On Friday, my first class of the day was cancelled, so I had a lot of extra time to get ready.  I did a load of laundry (including sheets) and finished cleaning my room before I even went to breakfast!  I also finished packing for home and made a birthday card for a friend.  After my classes, I waited in a friend’s room until one of my friends from home picked me up to take me home.  We made it home just in time for the Homecoming Parade.  I decided not to go to the pep rally after, and instead hung out with my family.  Yesterday (Saturday) was a really busy day.  My sister had her senior recognition game in the morning, which they won (only their second win this season, so they were very excited!), then I went to a Harvest Festival in my town (where they sell homemade goods and baked goods).  I then met up with a friend at the Homecoming football game and also saw a couple of my previous teachers.  I walked over to my grandparents’ after the game and stayed for awhile chatting.  My sister and her friends got ready for the dance at our house, so dinner (London broil and potatoes- my favorite!) was a bit rushed.  After taking pictures quickly (they were a bit late to the dance), one of my friends (who’s sister is friends with my sister) stayed with her family and another family for dessert and we talked for awhile.  I ended the night with a long bath and then went to bed a bit early.

All in all, it was a busy, exciting week.  I hope everyone had a wonderful week as well.  I am enjoying this beautiful weather right now!