Life Lately 10-6-13

Good morning!  This past week has been fairly busy, but I’ve also had some down time, which is always nice.

On Sunday, I was supposed to get a bunch of homework done, but I wasn’t really in the mood for homework, so I made a photobook on Shutterfly instead (it’s going to be a gift for someone).  I usually like to make photobooks far in advance, and then wait until I get a really good deal.  Shutterfly even has deals where you get the book for free and just have to pay for shipping and handling and the sales tax.  Although it’s not entirely free, it is much cheaper to do it this way.  I did a tiny bit of homework, and then stayed up really late talking to a friend.  On Monday, I actually did some homework, did laundry, and just hung out in our suite.  That evening, a couple friends came over and we watched “Dancing with the Stars”.  We were very sad to see Bill Nye go, but it’s probably better for his health.  On Tuesday, I had class most of the day.  My painting started to look a little like it is supposed to.  I had a club meeting that evening, and then procrastinated on my homework again.

On Wednesday, I had a really busy day.  I had class until 2:30, finished a big psych assingment, tutored at a local church from 4:30-7, had praise team practice (for Christian Fellowship- I sing) from 7:30 to 8:45, hung out in my friends’ suite for a little while, then went to a mandatory building meeting (for our dorm) for an hour.  I then finished up my homework, and actually made it to bed at a decent time.  On Thursday, I had class until 5:00.  My painting is finally coming together very nicely and I am happy with it at this point, but it still has a ways to go.  I then had a meeting, followed by dinner.  I did some homework, and then went to an Indian performance on campus (the group was named Akshara and they were amazing!!).  I finished up my work, then went to bed.  On Friday, I had class, then hung out in my room (almost falling asleep!).  I then went to Christian Fellowship.  After Christian Fellowship, we all get dinner together and after that, a bunch of us got together to make friendship bracelets for Operation Christian Child (if you aren’t familiar with Operation Christmas Child, you can find some information here– different churches and organizations basically gather school supplies, toiletries, and small toys, pack them in shoeboxes, and ship them around the world to children who otherwise wouldn’t have Christmas).  We had planned to have a movie night, but we were all pretty tired, so we played some Uno Attack and Dutch Blitz (both very fun games) before bed.  On Saturday, I got up fairly early, but took my time getting ready.  I met a friend for brunch and we talked in the dining hall for almost three hours.  I then went and hung out with some other friends.  I came back to my room and called my grandparents and parents.  I can’t wait to go home next weekend and see them!  After dinner, we played a very long game of Apples to Apples and then watched “Chicago”, which I really liked.

I hope you had an equally productive and enjoyable week!  I’m heading home this coming Friday for our midterm break, and am very excited, so I just need to get through this week!