Life Lately

Wow! It has been an incredibly busy couple of weeks!

Last Wednesday (Sept. 18th), I went to Ithaca, NY with several friends.  We walked around the commons and had a bunch of fun.  We also ate out at Chipotle’s and got ice cream at Coldstone.  I had a lot of homework Thursday (mostly because I put it off on Wednesday), so was up late until about 1 AM.  We were planning to get up the next morning (Friday) fairly early to get in line to put down our deposits for the Ireland trip for our spring semester (I had decided that I would like to go on the 24 day trip with my five of my friends rather than go to Peru).  At 4 in the morning, I got a phone call from one of my friends, telling me to throw clothes on and run to the bookstore because a bunch of people were camping out for the trip.  So I ran (literally) over there (at FOUR IN THE MORNING!).  About 30 of us camped out until 7:20 when the lady that deals with deposits arrived.  There were only 24 spots, but I was the 25th to arrive to camp out, so I wanted to get on the wait list, knowing that if someone decided not to go, I would still be able to go.  When we went to register, we were informed that two people had been given permission to register early, so there were now only 22 spots.  This put me third on the wait list.  So I got three hours of sleep and woke up at 4 in the morning to sit on a hard, stone floor for several hours to get waitlisted.  At least it was fun and it’s a good story, right?  I somehow made it through the day going on no sleep.  That night I Christian Fellowship, and I sang in the worship team.  We then watched “Phantom of the Opera” and hung out until far too late (considering all of us had gotten very little sleep the night before).  On Saturday, my parents and sister came for Family Weekend, and we bought a futon for my suite common area and set it up.  We ate dinner at a really interesting restaurant, then they headed back home.

On Sunday, I played my violin at church (and ended up reading one of the scriptures as well).  I then did a bunch of homework.  On Tuesday, I was super productive and didn’t procrastinate at all.  I got so much done!  And then I crashed at about 9 at night.  On Wednesday, I had some time to just relax.  Thursday was a bit rough.  One of my classes (which is a very long class to begin with) didn’t go very well, which put me in a pretty bad mood.  I went to a Latin American concert on campus, and then got dessert with one of my friends, which ended up being really great and changed my mood back around.  We were in our late-night food service place until they started to clean up around us.  On Friday, I decided that the chances of me getting to go on the Ireland trip were getting pretty slim, so I met with the professor doing the Peru trip.  I decided that I definitely wanted to go to Peru, and promptly went to the business office to make my deposit and secure my spot.  Which means I am going to Peru for three weeks in April into May!!!!  I am super excited about this amazing experience!  I sang in Christian Fellowship and then a bunch of us got together for a movie night in our suite.  Yesterday was pretty busy.  One of my dad’s cousins and one of his aunts were in town for their neice’s/granddaughter’s field hockey game, so they contacted me and took me out to lunch, which was really nice of them.  I then went to the field hockey game (I had planned to go anyway, since one of my friends is on our team).  My friends and I went to Sweet FROG Frozen Yogurt, which just opened up, for frozen yogurt after the game- it was delicious!  I then rushed back to campus to change quickly, and then I went hiking with two of my friends.  It was such a gorgeous day for a hike, the views were amazing, and it was so peaceful!  I need to get out in nature more often, it always leaves me feeling so refreshed and at peace.  After the hike, we grabbed dinner and then I just hung out in my room, reading and such.  I was pretty tired and didn’t feel like doing much.

I hope you had a great couple of weeks and that the weather was as gorgeous as it was here this past week!  It looks like this coming week is going to be nice as well.