My New Plan

As you probably have noticed, my posts have been rather sparse of late.  I’m sure I could come up with a million excuses as to why this is so, but I’ll only share the main reason.  I’m a HUGE procrastinator.  I have always struggled with doing things ahead of time and motivating myself to do things which don’t have an exact deadline.  It’s the reason I often stay up very late into the night (okay, I’m lying when I say night, I really mean into the early hours of the morning) when I’m at college in order to complete a 10-page paper I decide not to start until the night before it’s due.  Every once in a great while, I’ll be super productive for a few hours, maybe even all day, but then the next day, I’m back to my same old habits.

Motivation also plays into my problem.  I am not a person that is generally very self-motivated.  Every time I decide that I want to make it a habit to, say, run, I’ll do it for a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks, and then I’ll stop doing it regularly, or even stop altogether.  I have plenty of goals I want to reach and they are things I really do care about, but I still struggle with actually doing the things I need to do to reach those goals.  Especially if those goals include certain activities.  I’ve been working really hard to stay positive and to just let go of things that don’t matter this semester.  I’m actually doing pretty well with this.  I’ve made sure that I spend time with others, especially those that really make me happy and I’ve tried really hard to take things in stride.  I don’t want to worry about my grades to the point that it is adding stress to my life that I don’t need.  And so far, I’ve been doing well with that.  But I haven’t been achieving or even working towards a number of my other goals.  I want to, and need to run and exercise regularly, but I haven’t exercised a single time yet.  I really want to eat healthier, but as I write this, I’m eating Cheetos (and up until just now, I was doing good with eating healthy today).  I really want to spend time making things, outside of my art courses, but I haven’t made the time to do so (and I could definitely make the time on the weekends).  And I really want to post more regularly on here.  Once again, I don’t have a ton of time, but I could certainly find some time to do that on a weekly basis.

So here is my plan.  I know from personal experience that I will probably never stop procrastinating.  And I think that is okay.  However, I am going to stop making excuses for not working towards my goals.  I am going to exercise at least 3 times a week.  I am going to spend time outdoors every Saturday (perhaps exercising, perhaps not).  I am going to stop eating junk food (I’ll still allow myself “dessert” a couple times a week, but NO MORE ice cream every, or almost every, night!).  I’m going to spend part of every weekend creating stuff.

As for the blog, I have a much more detailed plan.  I am going to plan ahead by a couple months on the content I will post about (I’m actually pretty much done with that part until December).  I really want to start a regular posting schedule.  Because I’m really busy during the week, I’m planning to post a regular blog post every Saturday and a weekly update (what I’ve been calling ‘Life Lately’) every Sunday.  I think that by planning ahead, I will be encouraged to make sure I am creating the content I am planning to write about and I will stop forgetting when the last time I wrote a post was.  Hopefully this new plan will work!

Be sure to check in on Saturdays and Sundays from now on! Have a great remainder of the week!

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