College Ramblings

I’m afraid it’s been far too quiet here lately.  I just don’t have all that much to say.  I’ve been fairly busy with homework, classes, and such, but not so busy that I can really use that as an excuse.  I’ve been trying really hard to make sure I take time every day to hang out with my friends and socialize, because I know that I tend to get more stressed when I forget that being among other people is really important to my well-being.  So although I’m rather exhausted, I’ve also been having plenty of fun.  Last night, instead of doing homework (probably not the best decision, but I don’t regret it), I hung out with my friends for hours.  We played several (as in 20 or so) rounds of “Uno Attack”, which was lots of fun.  We might have gotten a bit competitive, but that just makes everything more fun, right?

My classes are going well.  I’m taking Painting I, Sculpture I, Teaching Students with Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom, PE for the Classroom Teacher, Child and Adolescent Psychology, and Art History: Prehistoric to Gothic this semester.  In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have taken quite so many classes at once (since we have three uneven trimesters, the usual course load is only 12 credits, and I’m taking almost 17), but I think it’ll all work out fine.  My first painting is due Thursday (I still have quite a bit of work to do on that), and my first sculpture is due Friday (it’s pretty close to being finished).  My other classes are rather interesting and informative, so that’s good.  We don’t have class this Wednesday, since every fall we get a random day off (it used to be a surprise day off and you wouldn’t find out until the morning of when you woke up and found a paper shoved under your door, but they changed it last year and it is now scheduled).  Although there’s quite a bit planned on campus, my friends and I are planning to check out a nearby town and eat out.

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned before that I’m planning to study abroad during our spring term (April-May for up to 6 weeks).  My destination is not set in stone yet, but I’ll share more as I find out more.  I’ve been saving in order to do this for several years, so I’m really excited.  Today was a bit hard, since I was trying to decide where to go, but I’m feeling pretty confident in my decision now.  You wouldn’t think this would be such a tough decision, but when you’re spending so much money and get to have such an amazing experience, it’s tough to figure out where you’d most like to go spend a month of your life.  Mostly, I had trouble deciding because visiting one of the destinations is a life dream of mine, but several of my friends are going on the other trip, and I hate to miss out on such quality bonding time with them.  I should know for sure which trip I’m going on by next week (hopefully!).

I honestly can’t believe I’ve only been back for two weeks!  It feels as if I’ve been back for months.  In some ways that’s a good thing, since it means I am enjoying myself and am comfortable living here, but in other ways, I’m a bit worried it might be a long year.  Either way, I’m sure it’ll be fun!

Enough of my rambling!  Have a great week!