Life Lately

This past week seemed to both fly and take forever.  I can’t believe I’ve only been back one week.  I think it’s going to be a very busy semester.  I already have a ton of homework, and I haven’t even started anything in either of my studio art courses.  On Tuesday, I had class until about 5, then had a meeting that night.  On Wednesday I had class, did a bunch of homework, and had my first floor meeting (which was pretty short).  On Thursday, my afternoon class (Painting I) was cancelled, and I did absolutely nothing from 11:25 AM till after 10 at night, at which point I did quite a bit of homework.  I pretty much lost it on Thursday and could not focus and was really hyper.  I have a feeling that might be a common occurrence in the coming months.  I did have a lot of fun, at least.  On Friday, I had class, hung out with friends for a bit, then went to Christian Fellowship.  We all grabbed dinner together afterwards, and then hung out and laughed hysterically.  I definitely laughed a lot this week, which is always good.  Yesterday (Saturday), I took my time getting ready, and then did community service from 11:30 to 5:00.  It was exhausting!  I was manning a carnival game at a family open house at some factory.  My legs and back are quite sore today, especially since we had to help deflate and pack up the huge blow-up games once the picnic was over.  Last night, we watched “The Mask of Zorro”, which was a pretty good movie.  I went to church this morning (my first Sunday back at my Elmira church!).  I’m putting off my homework, but fortunately, I don’t really have all that much tonight.  I went down to our friends’ suite, and we played a few rounds of Bananagrams and Dutch Blitz, both of which are really fun games!  I should get started on my homework soon, but we’ll see if I get distracted.

This coming week looks busy as well, but I think it will be fun too.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week to come!