Back to College!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m back at college! This is a poor quality picture of the most “finished” part of my room.  At least I’m pretty much completely unpacked! I love my new room; it seems so much roomier than last year’s.  Also, I’m in a suite this year with three other awesome girls, so we have a common room as well, which is a decent size (no bathroom, but that’s ok).  I’m still figuring out how to make the room work best.  Although the closet is definitely bigger, I’m lacking space to hang towels and such.  When I got here, I discovered that my bed is extra-long.  My college usually only gives extra-long beds to those who request it, so I wasn’t prepared for that.  I managed to get my sheets to fit, so it works for now.  I’m probably going to request a smaller bed though.  Also, the room’s mirror was missing, so I bought a full-length mirror from Walmart to put on my closet door (I was actually planning to do that anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal…plus I only spent $5 on it, so it was a pretty great deal!).  My desk is pretty much completely put-together.  I might add a photo bunting above the white board/bulletin board, but otherwise I’m done with that part of the room.

In other exciting news, I decided to bring my sewing machine and supplies with me this year!  Hopefully I’ll actually have time to sew!  My schedule is very busy this semester.  I’m taking over 16 credits, and we only have 12-week semesters (instead of 15-week ones like most colleges), and two of those classes are studio art courses (sculpture and painting), so time might be a little hard to find.

I’m excited to be back.  I wasn’t sure whether I was ready to come back, but now that I am here, I’m glad summer is over.  It’s really nice to not be a freshman anymore.  This time around I already have friends and know people in every single one of my classes.  There are only about 30 education majors in my class year and we all know each other, so those classes are a bit of a reunion.  Today was our first day of classes (we didn’t get Labor Day off) and I had four of my classes (all in a row, which was a bit exhausting).  I have two more classes tomorrow.  We had a small surprise birthday party for my roommate in our suite, along with dinner to celebrate the start of the new school year.

I’ll share more (and better) pictures of my room as soon as it’s all organized and decorated.  For now, I need to go do some homework!  Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day!