Life Lately

Wow! I didn’t realize it’d been so long since I’ve done a life lately post.  The past three weeks have been pretty busy.  On June 27th, I painted some trim on a house.  On the 29th, we headed to Green Lakes for a family reunion (my dad’s mother’s side), which was a ton of fun.  We get together for a reunion almost every year, and although most of the people are either quite a bit younger or older than me, it is fun to see everyone.  One of my dad’s cousins had a baby just a couple of months before, and I spent a lot of time holding him.  We camped over there for the night, then the next day, a few of us met up for brunch before heading home.

I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at my regular job (it was extremely hot- over 90 degrees in a couple of the rooms, but otherwise I don’t mind my job).  Wednesday evening we had my dad’s entire family over (two of his sisters were visiting from down south) for dinner at our house, and then we went over to my great-grandmother’s house (which we now own) for a campfire, s’mores, and songs.  We have a couple of very talented guitarists in the family, and we sang a bunch of songs.  I had Thursday off for Fourth of July, and we had a barbecue at my grandparents’.  Although our town didn’t have fireworks, a number of people set off their own, and we enjoyed some of them from my grandparents’ porch.  On Friday, I went to a couple of lawn sales with my mom and just hung out.  We went kayaking on Saturday (my mom, dad, sister, brother, and I), which was gorgeous and a lot of fun.  Our town has an annual antique car show and they drive their cars right past our house, which was cool.  Then, that evening, the town had fireworks, which we went to.

Sunday, July 7th, we went to church.  After church, we started going through our big bookshelf to get rid of some books (which then sat on the living room floor for the next week or more).  I worked Monday through Thursday.  On Monday, our family played some Bananagrams.  On Wednesday I babysat two adorable kids for the afternoon and evening (after my other job).  I house-sat and dog-sat for some friends Thursday through Saturday, which was a lot of fun and actually really relaxing (they live in a gorgeous home out in the country).  I also did some painting for them while there.  All of my grandparents stopped up for a visit, and my sister spent the night there with me on Friday night (we just ate some ice cream and watched a couple of movies).  My sister and I spent all of Saturday night baking for coffee hour at our church (we made a raspberry trifle, molasses cookies, and my sister’s original rhubarb bars).

On Sunday (July 14th) I got some paint samples for my bedroom and spackled all of the holes in my walls (there were a TON!).  I’ve decided on Opal Essence by Benjamin Moore, and will be using a mix of Green Wave and Antiguan Sky (also from Benjamin Moore) on the ceiling.  Those two are actually the samples I got, but were a bit darker than I wanted on the walls.  I think if I combine them I should have enough to cover up the ceiling (I don’t have much of a ceiling).  I worked Monday through Thursday again.  I visited with my grandparents (on my mom’s side) Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  My grandpa started to tell stories of when he was younger, which I really enjoyed.  On Wednesday, we went up to my other grandparents’ to celebrate my aunt’s birthday.  This morning, I got up early to go blueberrying with my grandpa (on my mom’s side), and then he treated me and my grandma to breakfast.  I then painted some farm equipment and stained a gazebo for a couple I know.

So there we go, all back to speed.  Although it’s been busy, it’s also been good.  I’ve enjoyed work and got to visit quite a bit with family which is always nice.  I was hoping to have my room all primed and painted, but it’s been beastly hot and humid, so I haven’t gotten to it quite yet.  Maybe I’ll get it done this weekend, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  I’m painting trim again tomorrow, and hopefully hanging out with one friend Saturday and another friend Sunday.  Enjoy your week!  I should have an update on the bedroom process up in the next few days.