Life Lately

I started work last week on Tuesday.  That meant I had Monday to do a bunch of random chores, like cleaning and laundry.  I also went on a 10.5 mile bike ride with my brother and one of our friends.  We went on my favorite route out of town, and it was gorgeous!  I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  It’s pretty hard work, but I like it so far.  The first couple of days I was mostly moving stuff and helping the art teacher organize things, which wasn’t very hard, but Thursday was spent completely moving out an entire wing at our elementary school to prepare for asbestos abatement, which was a bit more exhausting.  I also made chili (you can find that post and the recipe here).  On Friday, I made a tank top in the morning (hopefully, I’ll have a post/mini tutorial up about that soon!), then went horseback riding at one of my friend’s grandparent’s farm.  I took lessons for about a year back in middle school and have been riding a few times since then, but it was definitely kind of a weird feeling to be back on a horse again.  We also got to walk the horses up the road to a different pasture afterwards.  They were tired, so it was a bit of a challenge.  After a campfire, we headed home, only to have my friend’s car break down about halfway home (we were about 20 minutes away).  We had to wait for almost an hour for her dad to show up and rescue us (the battery had completely died), but it was a nice summer evening, and we eventually made it home.

Saturday was graduation day.  I attended the graduation ceremony.  All three speeches were some of the best I’ve ever heard. The valedictorian even memorized his speech and did almost a stand-up comedy sort of speech.  It was awesome!  I attended four graduation parties that afternoon and evening, and two more on Sunday.  The last one I went to was for one of my cousins.  One of our other cousins just got back to the United States from a year in Poland as an exchange student, so I got to talk to her quite a bit.

My work last week was extra work to prepare for the big construction projects that are happening at the schools this summer, and I don’t officially start work until next Monday, which means I am off from work this week.  Although I’d like to get to work (I need money in order to study abroad next year), it has been nice to have some time to just do as I want.  Plus, my mom is off for the summer, so I’ve been able to do some fun stuff with her.  On Monday, I went strawberry picking with my mom and grandparents bright and early (we picked 20 quarts total in about an hour and a half).  When we got back, I did some laundry and made homemade granola (there should be a post up soon about that) for the first time.  I babysat in the evening for three cute kids.  Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom to get some summery clothes (I was down to only one pair of shorts, which was not cutting it in this heat).  After dinner, I went hiking with my parents, then spent several hours figuring out the layout for my bedroom (I am changing it around and redecorating it!).

This morning, I went hiking with my mom, then hung around until after lunch.  I took my grandma to the movies after lunch to see “The Great Gatsby” (our movie theatre is really old and we get things awhile after they come out).  I really loved it!!

I’m hoping to get several posts up this week, which will probably be a record for me.  Enjoy the rest of the evening!