Life Lately

This past week has been pretty busy, but lots of fun!  I spent most of the week cleaning our house in preparation for the surprise 50th birthday we had for my mom on Saturday.  Our family isn’t always the best at staying on top of the cleaning, so this was a time-consuming task.  I haven’t started work yet this summer, but everyone else is working or still at school, so I did most of the preparations myself, including outdoor clean-up.  I did get my brother and sister to help out a bit.  On Saturday, we told our mom that her birthday present was a clean house so she wouldn’t know we were up to anything.  Our initial plan to get her out of the house was for my brother to take her kayaking, but the river was pretty high and fast due to all of the rain we’ve gotten the past few weeks.  We were worried she might not be willing to brave the water.  So we were at a loss on how to get her out of the house for a few hours.  Hiking wouldn’t take long enough, and we couldn’t think of anything else my mom would want to do.  Then, one of my brother’s friends called us, asking if any of us would like to go canoeing.  My mom’s worry about the river diminished, and they went canoeing for about three hours.

Of course, that meant we only had about three hours to get everything ready!! My sister did most of the cooking (we served homemade mac and cheese, baked beans, hamburgers, and hot dogs, along with chips and salsa, veggie platters, and pasta salad), I prepared outside and finished cleaning up, along with making chocolate chip cookie dough and doing dishes, and my dad drove around picking up tables and chairs and setting them up.

People started arriving around 5, and my brother brought my mom home around 5:20.  We weren’t sure if she suspected anything, so were happy to see that she was clearly surprised.  We had invited several families, which added up to about 50 people, so it definitely wasn’t a small party!  We had invited my mom’s best friend from elementary school, whom she has kept in good touch with over the years, and she arrived a few minutes after my mom arrived.  When my mom saw her, she was so surprised and overwhelmed she started crying.  I think the party was a success!

My dad had finally helped me finish the cornhole game I made for my grandpa two years ago, but never finished, and they were put to good use at the party.

On Sunday, we went over to my grandparents after church to celebrate Father’s Day with my mom’s parents, our family, and our cousins.  We spent several hours there just hanging out and got the cornhole game out again, which was loved by everyone (it was actually my grandpa’s Father’s Day present).  After we left, we were all exhausted from the busy weekend, so we just watched movies for the rest of the afternoon.

I’m hoping to start work this week, but haven’t heard anything yet.  I spent this morning cleaning up the aftermath of the party.  I am hoping to complete a few more projects this week.

Have a wonderful week!