Life Lately

I apologize for not posting anything recently.  I am now home, enjoying time spent with family and friends.  I arrived home on the 29th.  It took me several days to unpack.  I had to clear out my closet to make room for my new professional clothes, which was rather difficult. I have the smallest (and most weirdly shaped) closet in the house, yet most of it is filled with stuff that is not strictly mine, such as sleeping bags, air mattresses, extra bedding, etc.  I managed to make more room without eliminating all too much stuff.  I also had to clear out my dresser and desk and get rid of things I no longer use.  Luckily, I am finished with that (after about 4 days of unpacking)!

Last Saturday, I ran a 5K.  It was very hot and humid, but I finished (I did have to walk the only hill- I haven’t really kept up with training like I had hoped).  One of my best friends ran the 10K (and placed 2nd overall for women and 1st in her age group!).  We didn’t run together, but at least I had someone to go there with.  My parents came to watch, and were there to cheer me on across the finish line.

I worked a bit the last week, painting trailers and farm equipment and such.  I am very lucky to have a job I love.  I am also working at my school as summer help, doing maintenance and custodial work.  My hours aren’t very long and I only work 4 days a work there, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

I have a number of projects I’m working on, all of which I hope to share as I complete them.  I am finishing up making a cornhole game for my grandpa (I’ve been working on it for about two years-oops!), which will be his father’s day present.  I have been cleaning our “back room”, which is really our mudroom, laundry room, and craft room.  That has taken quite a while due to the massive amounts of stuff in there.  Once the winter stuff was relocated to the basement, it was much easier to do other stuff in there.  We are hoping to pull up the linoleum tiles near the door and paint the sub-floor, which appears to be wood veneer.  It isn’t really a permanent fix, but will do for now. We also want to paint the walls.  We painted the walls (which are fake wood paneling) a few years ago, but didn’t use primer, so the paint has been peeling off.  We’re hoping primer will fix that issue.  Other projects I’m hoping to tackle: fixing our piano bench, redoing my bedroom (including a new wall color!), working on the garden, and painting our dining room.

I guess I have my work cut out for me!