Random Ramblings

I apologize for such the long wait between posts.  I usually try to post at least every weekend, but last weekend I was home and then spent all day at room selection.  I was only home for a little over one day, but it was really nice regardless.  Friday night, I went to my sister’s musical performance- she was only in it for about one minute, but she did a wonderful job; I also got to talk briefly with one of my favorite teachers from high school.  I am heading home once again today, for Easter and such.  Several of my close friends are also going to be home, so we’re getting together for the first time since Thanksgiving, which I’m really excited for.

As spring (well spring weather, since spring is technically already here, although it sure doesn’t feel like it) approaches, I find myself really wishing I was home.  I’m not homesick, but I miss being able to do all the things I love.  I want to plant a garden, go hiking, take walks around the cemetery, paint some furniture or walls, continue to refinish a dresser, and just enjoy all of the things I often do at home.  Since I live in a small dorm room (with strict regulations) and don’t have a car, it’s difficult to do any of these things at school.  I also miss sewing.  I think I’m going to bring my sewing machine and supplies to school next year.  It’s one of the few things I should still be able to do at college, and my room next year will be a bit bigger.

I already have so many plans for spring break (only 2 more weeks to go!) and summer.  Over spring break I want to finish the cornhole game I have been making for my grandpa for 2 years (I’m terrible at finishing things!), sew some clothing, alter some clothing (I’ve never really done this, so I’m really excited!), prepare the garden for planting, paint a chair, re-plant some aloe for my dorm room, continue fixing our piano bench, brainstorm some Christmas presents, begin a quilt, go shopping (I need new clothes, a watch, shoes, sneakers, and more so badly!), and perhaps work on refinishing a dresser.

Over summer, I have even more plans.  I want to tend to our garden and plant more flowers.  I want to kayak and hike often.  I want to sew a bunch.  I’d like to refurbish furniture and work on the house.  I plan to paint my bedroom and our dining room.  And so much more!!

My second semester is almost over, just two more weeks, then we get a week off for spring break, and then third semester starts.  Our third semester is only six weeks, and I will be doing my fieldwork (in a classroom) during that time, which I am really excited for.  Which reminds me, I have some exciting news!  I found out this week that I can do a dual major in both Childhood Education and Visual Arts Education (to be an art teacher).  This would allow me to be both an elementary school teacher and an art teacher, giving me multiple options.

I’m sorry for all of my rambling.  Have a great weekend!