College Musings

Yesterday was a good day.  The earlier part of this week was a bit tough- I had a lot due and hadn’t done anything over my break last weekend (which by the way, was very enjoyable, although not particularly restful).  Which meant there were several late nights and not much free time, neither of which makes me all too happy.  I had a drawing due Tuesday, so Monday was spent in the drawing studio until early in the morning.  Then I had an annotated bibliography (which I had to find sources for) due Wednesday.  Once I got through Wednesday morning, though, I didn’t really have much for the rest of the week.  Which was nice, because it gave me some time to just relax and not do much.

Yesterday, I didn’t have any homework at all, so I got some alone time in and also did a bunch with friends.  Drawing class was really fun.  My college has declared the month of March “Arts Alive month”, so there will be a lot of exhibits and such in the next month.  This Saturday is the kickoff, so yesterday’s class was spent hanging artwork in the hallway (which will be used as a gallery).  Then a bunch of us helped one another pick which photograph to use for our self-portrait drawing.  It was the first time we’ve all really talked and gotten to know each other, so it was really nice.  Several of us got lunch together after that, which was also nice.

Yesterday evening, I went to a Bible Study, then played several hours worth of the game “Quelf”.  If you have never played it, you should.  It’s hilarious!!  I then got to bed at a pretty decent time for the first time this week (yay for some sleep!!).

This weekend doesn’t look too bad either.  Tomorrow, I’ll be spending most of my day in the drawing studio as part of the Arts Alive celebration.  And next weekend one of my friends from home might be coming to visit!!  Although I was a bit sad to be back at college (our break was NOT long enough!), this week was pretty good.  And I only have 5 weeks left of the semester (we have three semesters: two are 12-weeks and one is 6-weeks)!!!! Then it’s spring semester, which is a much lighter load AND I get to do some fieldwork in a classroom!!  I’m sure the next five weeks will just fly!