I Chopped My Hair Off!

My mom was not one of those moms that kept my hair short when I was younger.  Which means the last time my hair was shorter than shoulder length, I was about three.  And I have to say, although I wouldn’t get that haircut now (I also haven’t had bangs since then), I do think I was pretty cute.Chris, Alex (in background), Beth, and Judy

What do you think?  By the way, that’s my mom to the right and my brother to the left.  I’m even going to grace you with some more old photos, all from 1997, when I was 3/4.

Beth and Alissa
Fishing with my friend Alissa
Chris and Beth
My brother, Chris, and I

And, last but not least:

Beth and Iris
Me (on the left), with my cousin Iris

Now that I’ve surely impressed you with my youthful cuteness, I’ll get to the actual point of this post: I cut my hair!!  Short!!  Well, it’s shorter than shoulder length, which is short in my book.  I was tired of wearing my hair up all the time, but didn’t want to go the the trouble of making my hair look all nice and such when it was longer, so I decided to just chop it all off.


This one was taken right after I had it cut- it was supposed to be more choppy, but my hair won’t work that way, so this was as choppy as my hairdresser could get it.  It is just blow dried and straightened (just a little)- very simple and easy.

I generally take showers at night, however, so I decided to see how it would work if I air-dried my hair and then just straightened it in the morning.

Snapshot_20130222_3This is what it looks like today.  I think I might actually like it better this way.  And all I had to do was straighten it- took less than five minutes!

I do not like change, but I am glad I took the chance this time.  I think I really like it!

Have a great weekend!!  I’m not sure if I’ll be posting much in the coming weeks- it’s back to college on Sunday.  But I’ll try!