Preparing for Christmas

I’ve been home since Friday, and I must say it is nice to be home!  I was hit with a pretty bad sinus cold when I woke up on Saturday morning, so I didn’t do much either Saturday or Sunday.  The first thing on my to-do list while home was to clean (preferably the whole house, but definitely the downstairs rooms).  It is hard to get ready and decorate for Christmas when the house is a mess.  And no, we have not put up any decorations yet.  Or finished Christmas shopping.  We decided to wait until both my brother and I were home from college to get and set up our tree, and my brother won’t be home until later today.  My sister has a game today and practice tomorrow night, so the tree probably won’t get up until Thursday at the earliest.

My grandpa owns a Christmas tree farm.  Although he no longer technically sells the trees anymore, he still plants them and trims them and such.  Families who have always cut down their own trees can still go up and get a tree if they wish and we, of course, still always go up and cut ours down.  We usually tag our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving to ensure we get the best one, but don’t usually cut it down until later on. We go up as a family and cut the tree down using a hand saw (although the past few years, we’ve used an electric saw), then drag it to the truck and drive it home.  We set the tree up together, then decorate the tree.  Of course, the lights go on first.  I am a Christmas baby and the first ornament up is always my baby shoe (with my birthdate on it).  Each of us has our own box(es) of ornaments and we each get to choose which ornaments to put up from our box.  The tree is usually packed full of ornaments.

Getting and decorating the tree is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  We don’t do a ton of other decorations- just stockings (which we are thinking about replacing this year), a stuffed Santa display, and some other small decorations.  I’m going to try to convince my brother to help me make a wreath for our front door this year (we have a red door, so we’ll probably just do a simple green wreath).

Christmas is my very favorite time of year, so I’m getting really excited!

We plan to make a bunch of cookies and such this weekend and I still have a few presents to make.

I hope you are able to relax and enjoy this holiday season!!