Christmas Expectations

Many of the blogs I follow have been talking about holiday expectations.  The idea is that many people get disappointed because everyone has such a big to-do list around Christmastime and there is no possible way to get everything done.  I have often felt like this as well.  December is always such a busy month and I never get to celebrate quite the way I’d like.  I’m hoping this year will be different.

I’m really glad my college gets out before many others.  I have about ten days off before Christmas.  Because I have no real plans, I am hoping that I can do all that I wish during those ten days.  Here’s what’s on my list:

  • Make presents for family (I still need to finish my mom’s, my brother’s, my sister’s and my paternal grandparents’ gifts)
  • Make Christmas cookies
  • Make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning
  • Thoroughly clean and organize the house (or at least a few key areas)
  • Decorate the house (I’ll have a few days before the rest of the family will be home during the day, so I’m hoping to do this during that time)
  • Clean my crafting space (it really, really needs it!)
  • Make at least one clothing item (this doesn’t need to be done before Christmas, just over break)

In addition, our family will continue our traditions, such as cutting down our own tree and decorating it together, going to our church’s Christmas Eve service and driving around to look at lights afterwards, and getting up really early to open presents (yes, we still do get up early, even though the youngest of us is 16).

I’m also looking forward to seeing my friends again, babysitting for some of my favorite kids, and singing in our church choir.

What are your holiday plans?  Family traditions?

Enjoy your week!