Home for the Weekend!

I went home this past weekend.  It’s been a month since I left for college, and I hadn’t seen any of my friends or family, so it was nice to be there for a couple of days.  I left in the late afternoon on Friday and arrived in my hometown around 6.  Our dog, Maisa, was extremely excited to see me; she almost knocked me over!  After gobbling down some of my mom’s homemade mac and cheese, we walked over-town for the homecoming parade (I actually wasn’t home for homecoming, but did participate in a number of homecoming activities).  The floats were pretty good this year.  My sister played in the marching band (she plays flute).  The parade ended at the high school and was followed by a pep rally in the gymnasium.  The captains of all of the fall sports teams participated in a game of music chairs, which was much more competitive this year than in years past.  Of course, one of the girls won (the guys gave up far too easily!).  After the pep rally I was able to talk to one of my former teachers briefly before getting tackled by my sister (we hadn’t seen each other yet).

Saturday was even more eventful.  I got up somewhat early (around 8) and quickly got ready.  At 9, my mom, sister, and I headed to the high school for a 5K run and walk.  My sister ran; my mom and I walked.  We ended up walking with one of the little girls I babysit and her mom.  The little girl was so cute and funny and walked with me almost the entire way!  I then rushed home to meet my dad, and we headed over to the theatre to pick up our packets and wristbands for the historic homes tour we had purchased tickets for.  We went to several different houses in our town (we headed out around 10:30 and the reception that followed the tours didn’t get over until 4:30).  Most of them were awesome, but I’m not sure I would want to live in them.  One of them, which is actually just down the street from our house, I would love to live in.  One of the houses, however, was by far the most amazing.  We only got to see the first floor, which consists of a stairway, entryway, living room, library, and kitchen.  It is huge!!  The ceilings on the first floor are 12 feet, on the second floor 11 feet, and on the third floor 10 feet.  The house had been vacant for over 20 years before the current owners bought it many years ago, and they have been slowly restoring it to its original grandeur.  The wife has hand-painted all of the ceilings and walls.  It was truly amazing!  The house tours finished with a reception at “the castle”.  The “castle” used to be the armory, but a newer one was built many years ago, and the building has since switched hands several times.  I have never been in it, but my parents have.  It’s very much a work-in-progress and has a really long way to go, but it will be awesome when it’s finished.  There was a reception and then they drew raffles for over 50 door prizes (we didn’t win anything, unfortunately).

I then headed home, had dinner, and went over to my sister’s friend’s house to take pictures of them all dressed up for the homecoming dance.  My mom and I then stopped by my grandparents and visited for awhile.  Around 9:30, I dropped Mom off at home and headed over to a friend’s house and was there until very late (or very early, depending how you want to look at it).

Sunday I went to church, cleaned up my bedroom, and just hung out with my family.  We had an early dinner of cheeseburger soup and cornbread.  Then I headed back to college, catching a ride with one of my best friends.  I was so exhausted when I got back, so I took a quick shower and went right to bed.

I hope your weekend was just as wonderful!