A Crafting Itch

I didn’t do all that much over the summer this year.  Which is why I’m surprised by how bored I am here at college.  I feel like I just sit in my room, looking at blogs, wishing I could do one of the projects I see.  I miss having the ability to walk into the other room, pick up some fabric, and sew.  I miss the ability to grab a can of paint and paint a piece of furniture.  I miss being able to run to the upstairs of the garage and sand a dresser for a few minutes.

So I think I’m going to bring my sewing machine back to college with me.  I know that sounds really weird, and I’m not sure where I will put it (and all the other things I need in order to sew), but I really want to sew.  I even ordered a bunch of fabric from JoAnn’s so that I can make some pretty dresses and skirts (which I am desperately in need of).  I guess if I decide not to bring the sewing machine back then I’ll just have to sew lots whenever I go home.

I have several projects planned.  I can’t wait to do them!  And don’t worry, I’ll share them with you when they are finished (if they turn out all right- this is my first attempt at clothing).

I know this is a little scatter-brained; it’s just what I’m thinking of right now.  So what do you think, should I bring my sewing machine back with me?