Art Class

During high school, due to lack of time during the school day, I was unable to take any art classes.  As in many schools, it is very difficult to take art if you are in both band and orchestra, and especially if you also take AP or college-credit classes.  I would have liked to take both studio art and ceramics, but I chose music instead.  I therefore haven’t taken an art class since seventh grade.  During a scholarship interview this spring I was asked if there was anything I’d do differently if I could start high school over again.  I think that the interviewers were somewhat surprised when I said that I would take art courses.  They asked me why, and I told them that I love to be creative and think that I would have really enjoyed art.  I also explained that I had considered several art-related careers, but without the background knowledge that high school art classes could have provided me with, I was unable to realistically go into an art field.

After this interview, I made the decision that I would take as many art courses as possible during my college career.  As I mentioned in my first post, I am majoring in childhood education.  At this point, I am planning to do my concentration in visual arts with a specialization in art.  I don’t think that this would give me the credits needed to become an art teacher, but it would allow me to take more art courses than I previously though possible.

For my first semester, I chose to take a printmaking class.  Today was my first day in the class.  It will normally be a three-hour class, but today was cut short since it was more of an introductory class.  We are starting off with linoleum cuts.  Our assignment for tonight was to draw an image that we will then carve out of the linoleum at our next class (and hopefully print).  Immediately upon returning to my dorm room, I started to draw my image.  I’m already loving this!

I am really excited to see how this all works.  I’ll try to post a picture of my finished product when it’s done.  But for now, I’ll just give you a little hint: it contains (a) giraffe(s).

Have a lovely evening!