A New Beginning!

Hello all!  I just though I’d give a brief update as to what I’ve been up to.  Last Thursday I arrived on the Elmira College campus to begin my college career.  The college is known for its extensive orientation program, and it certainly was a whirlwind of activities!  There were things planned pretty much nonstop for three entire days.  It was lots of fun, but hard to really get settled.  When we arrived on campus on Thursday, there were purple and yellow balloons everywhere.  And I really mean everywhere.  The orientation leaders blew up 18,000 balloons over the course of two days.  Every fence, walkway, and more on campus was lined with them!!  During orientation, we attended seminars, had our first two classes, and we also participated in a large range of other fun activities.  The orientation ended with a candlelight service around the “puddle” (the remainder of what used to be a fairly large pond), which commenced with singing the alma mater together with all of the freshmen and the upperclassmen orientation leaders (there were at least one hundred I think).  Each night of the orientation, we had a sit-down buffet dinner, all of which was very yummy.  Sunday night, the college welcomed both the freshmen and the returning upperclassmen with an Academic Dinner.

Today, classes started.  We were able to pick all of our classes but two, so my schedule is full of classes I’m truly excited about.  I had an education class first thing in the morning, and then this afternoon I had two other classes.  The first class was my “Core” class.  It’s basically a reading intensive course about cultures and this year is specifically about the clash of cultures.  Immediately following that (and actually in the same classroom), I had my Freshmen Writing Course, which is another thing Elmira College is well-known for.  It used to be much more extensive, but the program was ceasing to be effective, so they have completely reworked it.

In between classes and before dinner, I continued to work on a project involving lettering and watercolor paints.  Since it’s a gift for someone, I don’t want to post it quite yet, but once it is finished and has been sent to its recipient, I will definitely share it.  It was nice to work on something creative.  I am unable to do many of my favorite things here (such as sew, scrapbook, and make cards), so I think I might take to painting and sketching a lot more.

After dinner, I gathered in the lounge of my residence hall with a bunch of other girls (I think we had 14 by the end) to play “Apples to Apples”.  The girls were mostly from my floor, but a couple were from other floors.  It was a lot of fun and allowed me to meet several new people.  I then completed my homework (my Freshmen Writing course is held Monday in the later afternoon and then again early Tuesday morning, so I will have to really stay on track when it comes to homework those days).

I hope the transition back to the school year and fall is going smoothly for everyone!  Have a lovely week!

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  1. I love hearing about your days at school – so far it sounds great !
    Have fun and keep writing !
    Love Laura

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